Meet Dr. Debbie Chen

Dr. Chen offers a wealth of experience to her family of patients, and she loves the opportunity to help them discover the benefits of oral health. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from UCLA School of Dentistry, one of the top schools in the country. Then, she pursued an intensive residency at the Veterans Affairs Sepulveda Center in North Hills, where she was honored to care for our nation’s veterans.

Serving Those Who Served

Impressed by her clinical expertise and compassion, Dr. Chen’s residency mentors recommended her for staff positions at both the VA and a private practice in Valencia. Over the next ten years, Dr. Chen cared for patients of all ages, backgrounds, and medical histories. As she split her time between the VA and several private practices across Southern California, she developed a broad skill set and established relationships with thousands of patients.

At the VA, Dr. Chen coordinated with medical colleagues to delivered comprehensive dental services to patients with complex needs. This specialty care included managing those undergoing radiation treatment for head and neck cancers. Today, she brings deep regard to Sweet Life Dental for each patient’s story and the need for personalized care plans.

Fulfillment By Giving Back

Dr. Chen discovered the deeper purpose that comes with giving back to her colleagues at the VA. Her broad skills and gentle manner impacted upcoming dentists in the general residency program and the hygiene training program. Dr. Chen’s commitment to blending high-quality service and compassionate care continues to grow through continued education every year.

Dr. Chen also holds a BS in Chemistry from UCLA and converses fluently in English and Mandarin. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys dancing and sampling new restaurants in her local community. Above all, she loves meeting new people, putting her patients at ease, and enhancing lives through exceptional dentistry.