Emergency Care Woodland Hills, CA

Sometimes, a situation comes up that just can’t wait until your annual dental check-up. When your teeth need immediate attention, our staff is there for you.

Contact Sweet Life Dental in Woodland Hills to schedule your visit (if it’s not “today urgent”) or to see our availability for an emergency walk-in appointment.

Trauma to the Mouth: a Dental Emergency

Trauma to the mouth is one of the most common types of dental emergency. Slips, trips, falls, sporting accidents, car accidents, or any blunt-force trauma to the mouth area can result in missing teeth or soft tissue damage.

Tooth trauma is especially common in children.

If your tooth gets knocked out we may be able to save it. Store it in water and milk with a little bit of salt and get to us as quickly as possible. We may be able to put it back where it belongs.

Sudden Tooth Pain: a Dental Emergency

Sudden, intense tooth pain can mean anything from decay that has finally progressed to the point of becoming dangerous to a cracked tooth. Often, sudden tooth pain happens after people have ignored intermittent pain for some time.

Usually sudden, intense pain will require a root canal to clean bacteria out of the tooth and then to fill the decayed spot so that it can’t get reinfected. This usually puts an end to the pain entirely, and could save your tooth.

Tooth pain can become life-threatening. Left unchecked, tooth decay can cause a dental abscess. Sudden pain can even be a sign that the abscess has already happened. These infections can spread throughout your bloodstream, infecting organs and becoming fatal.

Missing or Loose Crowns and Fillings: a Dental Emergency

Dental crowns don’t last forever, and neither do fillings. It’s very common for them eventually to crack, fall out, or loosen due to changes in the underlying tooth structure.

The good news we can replace the crown or the filling to make your teeth as good as new once more.

Severe, Painful Swelling of the Gums: a Dental Emergency

If gum swelling is mild, make a regular appointment with your dentist. If it’s severe or there’s a sudden change, then get an emergency dentistry appointment.

Gum disease doesn’t go away on its own, and sudden, severe pain could be a sign of a dangerous infection. Besides, nobody wants to live with puffy, swollen, bleeding, and painful gums.

You can end the emergency and prevent a worse one

We do accept walk-in appointments for emergency services. We leave room in our schedule just in case, knowing you might need us for an unplanned visit at any moment. If it’s during business hours, just walk in: our office is at 23111 Ventura Blvd, Ste 102, in Woodland Hills – and if possible call (818) 435-6590 first.  If it’s after-hours, just give us a call to check our availability for walk-ins.

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