Family Dentistry Woodland Hills, CA

Your Long-Term Family Dentists in Woodland Hills

One overlooked part of dentistry is continuity: seeing the same dentist or dentistry team for long enough that they understand your dental health inside and out, learn about your unique needs, see how your health and smile improve – and do the same for everyone in your family.  Along the way, you get to know us, we get to know you, and we keep up with your needs as your family grows.  A dentist who knows you – or will get to know you soon – is in a better position to help you

We perform just about any dental procedure your family members could need, right here at Sweet Life Dental in Woodland Hills.  That means you form a relationship with one tight-knit dental family, you don’t need to drive all over LA, you don’t worry about working with referrals, and you don’t take your chances with a revolving cast of dentists and a variable quality of care.   There is a 100% chance you’ll get your favorite dentist every time.

You can contact us to schedule your visit, or read on to find out more about all the ways Sweet Life Dental can help your family stay healthy and smile big.


Dental Cleanings & Preventive Check-ups

We offer exams, X-rays, fluoride, sealants, and routine deep cleans. We help our patients avoid cavities and gum disease by focusing on inexpensive, simple prevention methods that keep your smile healthy and bright.



Got tooth damage from trauma or disease? Dentistry has come a long way. Even missing teeth can be restored with dental implants. We offer every restorative service, from fillings to crowns to implants, to help ensure that you continue to look and feel your best.


Periodontic Care (Gum Health)

Gum disease is serious. Most people don’t know that gum disease is a far greater threat to your teeth than tooth decay is. We offer a full range treatments to keep your gums healthy, like periodontal scaling, which can help you guard against bone loss and tooth loss.


Endodontics (Root Canals)

Though the phrase “root canal” sends a chill up many people’s spines, a root canal can save a tooth that’s heavily decayed and at risk of being lost, and possibly taking a chunk of your dental health with it. A root canal can also save a cracked tooth. By the way, a root canal is fast, easy, and much more painless than people believe.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Want whiter, straighter teeth? We can make it happen. Want a Hollywood smile? Ask us about veneers. Also, we offer Invisalign (clear) braces, which means you can straighten your smile without the “brace face” concern.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Most dentists don’t do oral surgeries in their offices, but we do. We provide oral surgery for sleep apnea appliances, extractions, dental implants, and more.

(Occasionally we refer out to others oral surgeon we think may be in a better position to help in your unique situation, in which case we’ll let you know.)


Pediatric Dentistry

Kids need their dental care needs handled a little bit differently. The relationship your dentist forms with your kids today can have a lifelong effect on their willingness to see a dentist later in life. Working with kids requires an extra-gentle touch and a light and easygoing demeanor – both things our practice is known for. We also provide you, the parent, guidance on how best to take care of your child’s teeth.

(Quick note: we’re only set up to work with kids who don’t need sedation.  If your children need sedation to sit in the dental chair, we can refer you to excellent pediatric specialists who provide laughing gas.)


Dental Emergencies

Sudden toothache? Baseball to the face? Episode of “Who put that door there?” Tooth trauma and serious toothaches don’t go away on their own. That’s why we make ourselves available for emergency dental care. Contact our office to get the dental care you need when you need it. We’ll get you taken care of. Review our emergency dental care tips in the meantime.


Sweet Life Dental in Woodland Hills can meet your family’s every dental need

Your family is our top priority. We are excited to meet you and yours, and to show you how “go to the dentist day” can be one of the easiest parts of raising your family here.  Call our office today at (818) 225-0041 to set up your appointment.


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